Sell Back Guarantee

Our Sell Back Guarantee is simple. If you’re not happy with your business after 12 months then we’ll help you to sell it on to someone else using our website – for free. No catches. No fees. We’ll keep trying to sell it for you until it’s been sold.

The Sell Back Guarantee offers a safety net for everyone and a way to quickly and easily sell your business again.

Once 12 months has passed you are eligible to resell the business via our website and we will support you in this process.

You will be responsible for any communication with the potential buyers and supporting the business if you offer this. Businesses sold this way will be clearly marked as re-sale.

You will be able to decide on a price and all terms of the sale. We will simply list the business and help you to sell it to a suitable buyer.

We do not guarantee that you will sell your business. But we will do our best to help you sell it.