Our partners programme provides you with the products, services
and support to build a successfull online business

“A great opportunity to build a proffessional business with
recurring income for you and your family.”

Our partners programme provides you with the products, services and support to build a successfull online business

“A great opportunity to build a proffessional business with recurring income for you and your family.”

The Market

The Ecommerce / Online Shopping market is booming with more people setting up ONLINE STORES, and more people buying online than ever before. The market is being driven and flooded by Pay Monthly Never Own 5% Affiliate sites which look great if you can set it up, but in reality they don’t build your own brand, don’t manage your own payment systems and make 10% or less per sale, we provide our clients with the much better alternative of pay once, own it dropshipping business model and earn 35% to 45% profit. Check out our Investment Vs Income Comparison.

Not everyone is a graphic designer, programmer, marketing whiz, businessman or know what it takes to get a business off the ground. We fill a gap in the market, we provide clients a Ready Made Business that is already running and getting traffic, and then provide them 1 to 1 support
they need to take it to the next level.

The Opportunity provides you with a unique opportunity to fill a gap in the market providing your clients with great Business Start Up with Products and Services not available anywhere else. With our unique Ready Made Ecommerce Dropshipping Stores/Businesses & Marketing Support Services you will be assisting your clients to start their journey to independence, while creating yours.

No prior experience in ecommerce is required, you can work from home or office, on a full time or part time basis. We don’t set targets but do work with you to help and assist you to continually grow your business at a speed that suits you.

Your Business

As a Dropkul Partner you will be creating your business and helping your clients build theirs with our great products/ services and professional support designed to help you and your clients run a great profitable business. You will be provided with your own website just as “” promoting and selling our great Ready Made Businesses, as well as your own Dropkul’s Biggest Ecommerce Store – “MY BIG SHOPPE” for you to learn the products inside out and earn additional revenue!

By Becoming an partner you will get Our Hot Selling Store

We are offering you this readymade e-commerce store which is capable of selling any product you want. It is having 40,000+ products already uploaded on it which are live and ready to sale.

As a Dropkul Partner
we provide you with:

Dropkul’s Partner store

We provide you with your own domain and co-branded site linked to our central stock and ordering systems enabling immediate updating of our products and services to your site and for us to execute your orders as they happen.


Readymade ecommerce store capable of selling any product you want. It has 40,000+ products already uploaded on it live and ready for sales. You get a full understanding of the operations of our products/ services so that it becomes realistic and easy for you to sell further to your customers.


For every sale through your PARTNER STORE site you will make 35% of the net sale value as your profit and 35% to 45% commission on each sale from “MY BIG SHOPPE”. If you make just 3 typical sales a week we would expect you to make over £30,000 a year as your profit in the first year alone (Average sale-£580 || Commission- £200).


Product and Business Training is provided through our Excellent Support Centre which includes Training Manual, Strategic Action Plan & Online Training Documents.

Back Office

We are your back office. We will talk to clients on your behalf to talk technical, advise them & of course close the sale, for which you are paid in full. We execute and deliver your orders to your clients giving you ample time to grow your business.

Unlimited Support

Direct and unlimited Business & Marketing Support is provided by our fantastic Support Staff. Support covers products, marketing, business development, and all other areas of your business.


Additionally we will design your Business Cards & Letterheads for you to take to any printer of your choice.

Unique Products

Our market research team is fully dedicated to hunt for products/ services that are capable of creating a surge in the market. Selling such products via your store or selling businesses as our partner is a unique opportunity putting you ahead.

Booming Market

The ‘Build an Ecommerce’ store market is booming with more sites being built & bought than ever before with the monthly paid services creating a hole in the market for Ready Made and full paid stores for clients not wanting to pay indefinitely.

Home Based

Low Cost Startup

High In demand businesses

Multiple Streams Of Income

Training & Support

Descent Earnings

Become Partners

With Great Benefits

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