About Us

‘Dropkul’ started its journey back in 2008 with a bunch full of ideas and a few enthusiasts aiming to be the best in their segment and make ‘E-Commerce business setup’ very economical and manageable. It certainly was a challenge since back then, it was a BIG TASK to set up an E-Commerce business.

‘Dropkul’ in the due course has been able to build a vast team of IT professionals and researchers. We continuously strive and do the best market research, find out the best performing categories for our customers making them capable of creating a surge in the market, and get the best development and store setup done so that you thrive in the market. Introducing and revolutionizing drop shipping along with our best E-commerce businesses has crowned us a trendsetter in the category.

‘Dropkul’ helps you to start your online business in a way where you feel a lot of comfort with reliability. It is a great platform to start an online business of your choice.

We don’t just give you the independence to choose any business from our online store but also you can share your thoughts with us and we will make it a reality.

Doesn’t matter if you just have the basic idea of what you are looking for! Just share it with us and we will create it for you from start to end. We complete the task genuinely from the bottom of our hearts.

Well, imagine a Model where you do not have to take any inventory but can sell products to anyone in the world without ever spending a penny on the products until someone buys them from you That’s exactly what Drop-shipping is, and we’re here to help you start your first brand without breaking the bank!